Best Wedding Cars Lanarkshire Has To Offer and Why

What makes Silverlink Wedding Cars Lanarkshire Special?

The luxury feel with the local touch.

Local Drivers

If you are looking to have your wedding in one of the many beautiful locations near us in Lanarkshire or Glasgow then we are the place for you. Being a local service gives us the advantage of knowing the area as well as you do. No confused drivers getting lost and causing you stress you really don’t need on your big day.

Wedding Cars LanarkshireEvery one of our drivers takes pride in their knowledge of Lanarkshire and Glasgow and can take you the route you want without any hassle or questions. Our experience of venues is constantly growing but in the unlikely event your wedding is somewhere we have yet to visit we will make sure to be familiar with it by the time your big day rolls around.

Our drivers may have the experience,skill, knowledge and trustworthiness of the greatest London cab drivers, but while reliability and efficiency may be the most important things in a day to day service we also believe you deserve something more from a wedding car service- luxury.

At such a valuable time, weddings and luxury go hand in hand just as love and marriage do. No matter the budget or size of the occasion you want to feel like every moment is a treat. That’s why we want to bring the luxury to your doorstep and treat you from the very start to our luxury service.

Luxury Wedding Cars Lanarkshire

One example of how we can bring luxury to your wedding journeys comes from a less local source than our drivers. Our premium wedding cars Lanarkshire are from none other than Mercedes-Benz, one of the “German Big Three” luxury automakers, one of the three best selling car makers in the whole world when it comes to luxury.

Their slogan is one we also hold ourselves to, “Das Beste oder nichts” or “The best or nothing” in a language more local. We are not here to offer a half-hearted service. That’s why we have opted for the best cars possible so that you can have the highest quality experience. When it comes to cars, high quality can only happen when the level of safety matches the level of elegance.

That’s why all of our cars not only get regularly cleaned so their appearance is top notch, but they also go through safety checks at the beginning and end of each journey.

Elegant Presentation

A wedding cars Lanarkshire is not just a premium vehicle for those in the wedding. Weddings have some beautiful traditions right down to the car. Ribbons and flowers are provided to decorate the car in the traditional wedding style so that you can drive through the streets as a traditional wedding party in full elegant style.

If you have a specific colour scheme or you aren’t going for the classic white wedding then different ribbon colours are available on request. Every detail is important and that’s why we present our wedding cars Lanarkshire in classic elegance and any requests for changes we will do our very best to implement so you can have a beautiful look tailored to you.

Handy Extras

Being local not only means you can rely on us to know our way around. We know what it’s like to go through the stresses of organising a wedding car hire and sometimes even when you think you have everything in place you find yourself in need of something you haven’t thought of. That’s why we have a few extras which you can make use of.

We wish we could guarantee you beautiful weather but since we can’t our driver can cover you from the rain if our changeable Scottish weather takes a turn for the worse. The weather isn’t the only thing you can’t predict and a wardrobe mishaps can be tricky to deal with but luckily we also keep a sewing kit handy for last minute fixes. We can also cater for children by supplying booster seats if you plan to travel with a child. And of course one thing is inevitably needed at some point on such an emotional, joyous and tearful day- tissues.

All of our extras are in place so that your special day can go without a hitch. We want your experience to go as smoothly as possible. A wedding is a special day and we take pride in helping it be as magical as possible. With our passion for wedding celebrations our drivers themselves may even need a tissue or two.

Approachable Team

Our team strives to provide the luxury, locally but don’t just take our word for it. Take a look around the site and you can read the testimonials of some of our previous happy customers or browse the gallery to see for our beautiful cars and decorations for yourself.

In our About page you can read about our founders who care so much about their business that they are even our top drivers. With a wealth of experience behind them they are not only trustworthy but friendly and approachable. In fact the best way to book with us is with a no obligation phone call where we can speak to you about the right deal for you.

Chat to us about what you want and need and we can discuss what we have to offer and how we can make sure you get everything you deserve for your big day. Even if you have already booked with a different company and the unthinkable happens and you are left without a wedding car or if you haven’t booked a car and decide to last minute we offer last minute bookings at no extra cost.

Here at Silverlink Wedding Cars Lanarkshire we offer a luxury service from real people. Far from a faceless company you can feel free to call and chat with us and you can even see real pictures from us in the gallery so that your driver could well be a familiar face.

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